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Electronic Campus of Virginia is a cooperative instructional technology initiative among the state's public and private colleges and universities. A key goal of the electronic campus is to provide students of all ages with "one-stop" access to learning in a distributed environment that meets their needs for convenient and high quality undergraduate, graduate and professional, and continuing education.

This World Wide Web site lists distributed or distance learning courses currently available statewide, complete with course schedules and delivery methods. Please request the information you need to take a course or pursue a program of study from participating institutions. Just click on the link to the college or university of your choice.

Electronic Campus of Virginia is one of several collaborative projects now underway among the state's colleges and universities to address workforce preparation challenges and to help meet needs for advanced education and technological literacy.

Please direct any questions about electronic courses to the institution offering them. Institution email addresses, Web addresses, and phone numbers can be found on the Course Detail page for any course that is listed in the catalog. You can access the Course Detail page by clicking on the name of the course.

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