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Electronic Campus of Virginia brings college courses from across Virginia as close as your computer. You can:

  • Identify courses or programs that are electronically delivered.
  • Search by college or university, subject, or data format for more detailed information including course descriptions and how the courses are delivered.
  • Connect directly to the college or university to learn about registration, enrollment, course description and cost.

The sponsoring accredited college or university is responsible for all procedures related to:

  • Admissions
  • Credit Transfer
  • Delivery Format
  • Financial Aid
  • Prerequisites and any other course enrollment matters
  • Refund policies
  • Registration
  • Tuition and fees

The acceptance of credits and/or the use of credits for program requirements are governed by the college or university to which the credits are being transferred. You should consult the college or university for specific policies relating to credit transfer.

The Electronic Campus of Virginia does not regulate or control college and university policies and procedures. Questions about courses or programs should be directed to the college or university coordinator.

Please direct any questions about electronic courses to the institution offering them. Institution email addresses, Web addresses, and phone numbers can be found on the Course Detail page for any course that is listed in the catalog. You can access the Course Detail page by clicking on the name of the course.

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